Size Guide

We recommend to take the exact size, you should measure from the tip of the big toe to the end of the heel and use to below table to confirm your size : 

We recommend to use a soft brush and natural soap to clean your espadrilles. Let the shoes dry thoroughly for a week until the rope is 100% dry.

Don't use washing machine to clean your espadrilles.

Espadrilles are made with natural fibers that absorb humidity and allow the foot to breathe. These natural fibers will also absorb water, if worn in the rain. But do not worry, if you get caught in a rain shower by surprise while wearing your espadrilles.

Just let them dry for 5 – 7 days until the rope is thoroughly dry and your espadrilles will be good to go again.

1) Unfold, pull on the canvas to relax the cotton.

2) Slide your foot forward, to the end of the espadrille.

3) Put the back.

It's okay to force it a bit the first time. The canvas will relax and take the shape of your foot.